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Amateur Blogs: 12 Common Mistakes Makes Most of the Bloggers

We trigger the important and most common facts about Amateur Blogs why they are can’t sustain in the blogging sectors. In today’s time, blogging is very common.

During the lockdown period, many people have started their blogs. It is a great medium to express your thoughts, emotions, and passions and display your hobbies.

It is also a source of entertainment and a good way to pass your time. However, not only during the lockdown, blogs were a famous concept even before now. It is extremely easy to start a blog and can be done by anyone just by following a few simple steps.

Blogs are a great place to share your thoughts on various subjects and gain a following for the same. It can also serve as a source of income once a good enough following has been reached.

A blog can be started by anyone. Professionals, homemakers, and students start them too.  Traditionally most blogs are started on either WordPress or BlogSpot and to do this is very simple.

The topic or subject of your blog can be anything at all. You can write about whatever topic interests you be it cooking, books or accounting.

You can also make optimum use of the tools available on various websites to make your blog look exactly the way you want it to. Blogs are also a great place for organizations to find you and see samples of your work.

There are various types of blogs – some professional and some amateur. This article specifically focuses on amateur blogging. What amateur blogging is, the mistakes made by amateur bloggers, and the various things to keep in mind while starting a blog.

What is Amateur Blogs?

Even if you are merely starting on your blogging journey, you can avoid looking like an amateur blogger.

An amateur blog is one that does not have a professional look to it, the writing is not attention-grabbing, and the number of followers is at a standstill.

This happens due to various reasons and these are the very reasons that separate a professional blogger from an amateur one.

An amateur blogger treats their blog as a part-time occupation. If you do not invest your time and energy into your blog, you cannot take it to the next level. The content of these blogs is usually too personal.

Now, even though putting in personal touches to your content is good and necessary, it shouldn’t all be personal, otherwise, the readers won’t be able to relate. They also underestimate the importance of promoting their blog on social media, which bars them from reaching a big following and keeps their blog in the amateur category.

In this article, we talk about these and various other mistakes that keep a blog from looking professional.

Amateur Blogs: Most of the bloggers made these 12 common mistakes-

1. Choosing the wrong subject for your blog:

The first and most important thing that you need to identify is what your blog is going to be about. If you have a blog about various topics then it will be confusing to decide which category your blog falls under and in turn difficult for audiences to find your blog.

You need to identify a topic that interests you, you are passionate about, and that you can write enough on. It can be anything under the sun but your writing needs to be engaging and your information needs to be spot on.

2. Writing style :

The most important thing about a blog, arguably, is the written content. Thus, your content needs to be interesting and engaging, and to achieve this you need to have a great writing style.

Many times bloggers maintain a very formal writing style, which makes the content less engaging to read. The best writing style to adopt while writing a blog is the conversational style. It means to write as one talks. This makes the content (whatever it may be) light, fun, entertaining, engaging as well as easy to read.

3. Make no efforts in attracting traffic (audience):

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes made by amateur bloggers. Most bloggers think that they will gain a following easily and thus make no efforts in attracting traffic.

It is of major importance to spread information about your blog on various social media. It is not enough to simply write an article and leave it at that but to have a successful and professional blog it is equally important to promote it.

You must share it on all social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and ask your friends and relatives to share it on their social media. The more the word is spread, the more followers you get and the bigger your blog becomes.

4. Do not decide the article layout:

Another common mistake that amateur bloggers make is that they do not pay enough attention to the layout of their articles. They start writing their article thinking that they will figure out what to write next as they proceed or simply “wing it”. However, this is something that should be avoided.

If you have an article layout in place then you have an idea of the things that you want to include in your article. Once you know what you want to include in your article you can conduct proper research and have enough information to include in the article.

If you do not have a proper layout then you may end up writing too much on one topic. Alternatively, you may think that you have a lot to write on a certain topic but when it comes to it, you realize you do not have enough.

5. Copying from other blogs/websites:

It is very important to have original content because people do not want to read a copy of another blog. They want something fresh and never seen before. Whatever the topic may be, the audience is always searching for a new perspective and a new take.

6. Bad blog design :

Another common mistake that amateur bloggers make is that they do not customize their blogs in an inviting or eye-catching way. It is very important to have a good blog design to attract audiences and then keep those audiences interested and coming back.

This can be done by incorporating the many themes that WordPress and BlogSpot provide into your blog. You can also insert photos (your photos or ones available on the internet) for a better look. This keeps readers and visitors invested.

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7. They do not focus on quality:

This is a major mistake made by many bloggers. Many bloggers end up focusing more on how much quantity of content they are producing rather than the quality of their content. That’s really not the case though.

Quality content should be the major focus of your blog. If the content is not up to the mark then audiences will get distracted, leave your page, and most definitely not come back. Even though quantity is also a very important aspect you cannot compromise on the quality. You cannot simply have long articles with no real substance in them.

8. They do not post consistently:

If you are someone that does not give priority to your blog and does not post regularly, then that is a very common mistake that you are making. Being consistent with your blog posts is hugely important.

If you decide on a plan about when you are going to post, be it daily, weekly or monthly then your readers will have an idea of when to expect your next post and will keep coming back.

But if you are inconsistent with your posts and make five posts at one go and then do not post for a week then this will leave your readers confused, they will lose interest and ultimately stop coming back. Thus, it is very important to plan out when you will post and strictly stick to that schedule.

9. Putting too many ads:

It is a known fact that ads are a good source to make some extra money. However, if you litter your blog page with too many ads then it will be hugely difficult for the readers to get to your content and read/see it.

Too many ads also hamper the look of the blog. Thus, even though ads are a good source of income and a few do not harm, too many ads harm your blog and you start to miss followers.

10. Blogging only for money:

If your heart is not in blogging and you are doing it simply for the money then this will reflect in your content. You need to be passionate about your blog and its subject.

Let your blog be a safe space where you can share your thoughts and opinions on the subject that you have chosen and do it because it provides you with satisfaction and not just for money. Let money just be a bonus.

11. Not creating/giving importance to their email list :

You should have your email list on the very first day. Without your email list the traffic that you get on your blog is simply that – traffic.

The trick to turning traffic into loyal audiences who keep coming back is to create an email list. This is a very important aspect of blogging and growing your blog but surprisingly not many bloggers pay enough attention to it.

12. Poor or no performance on social media:

Social media like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many is now one of the best sources of traffic. Most of the people are on social media the majority of their time. Amateur blogs/bloggers avoiding to perform in this trendy platform.


With listing out the common mistakes that amateur bloggers make and answering, some frequently asked questions about blogging we hope that we have opened up the world of blogging a little more to you.

We hope you are less intimidated to start a blog now and have finally found the courage to start writing about whatever it is you are passionate about.

You cannot have a professional blog in just a day but the first step towards achieving that is starting. Patience and persistence will surely take you to your goal.


How to structure your blog?

The best and most common way to structure, a blog is to divide it into 3 parts namely –

Title (first part)

This is the portion where you include the title of your blog and introduces it in a few sentences.

Body – (second part)

This is the portion where you write in detail about the subject of your blog. It can have two or more paragraphs. Even up to ten paragraphs is can be written.

Conclusion (final part)

In this section, you conclude your blog in a few closing sentences.

Should I include details about myself in the “about me” section?

Many people when starting a blog have a question on the lines of “should I write about myself and what should I include in this section?”.

It is important to write about yourself because then it gives a tangible idea of who you are to your readers and increases the credibility of your blog.

In this section, you can include your name, age, what you do, why you have chosen to write this particular blog, and whatever else you wish to write about.

How to get blog traffic?

To get blog traffic it is very important to first have good content. If your content is engaging then your readers will want to keep coming back.

Secondly, it is important to promote your blog in whatever way you can.

What is a domain name and why do I need to have one?

A domain name is the name of your website/blog. It is the name by which your readers will know and recognize you and thus it is important to have an easy to remember domain name.

With so many blogs out there how do I make mine stand out?

The answer to that is that you are a unique individual and your content is going to be different from the other blogs on the internet. The trick to standing out is to be yourself and stay true to your writing and your content.

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