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10 Best Online Business Ideas for Beginners by Small Invest

In today’s world, there are so many online business ideas for beginners that they feel lost in the crowd. Beginners especially might feel clueless as to how to get into the business or how to make a profit out of it. The Internet is literally a gift from God, where you can find whatever you want. It provides you with so many options to start out your business ventures. But don’t worry about what to do, the below-mentioned are some of the easy and the best online business ideas for beginners. All the necessary details are given on how to start with those options. So let’s get started!

List of Best 10 Online Business Ideas for Beginners

1. Start Your Own Blog

If you are a beginner and you love to write your heart out or have expertise in writing content, then blogging is one of the best online business ideas for beginners. All you need is to have the ability to write, no other technical skills are needed. To become a good and successful blogger one must write content that will attract and engage the audience. The content can be in the form of videos, blog posts, images for infographics.

How to start the blog?

  • Choose a name and niche for your blog
  • Create a website using WordPress
  • Make your website look attractive using the default WordPress themes
  • Start writing content regularly
  • Promote your content on various social media platforms
  • You can monetize your blog once it has a good number of visitors

2. Freelance Writing

If you do not have the patience to start a blog you can also create content for others. Freelance Writers basically write content for others. This is also one of the best online business ideas for beginners. One can charge depending on the quality of content they write. For beginners, it is better to focus on the quality and charge less at the beginning. It is also one of the best ways to start out for students.

How to start writing as a Freelancer?

Platforms like UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr are one of the best for freelance platforms. This is how it works:

  • Clients post their jobs according to their needs and freelancers bid on those projects
  • It’s up to you if you want to bid on the projects. After reading the job description if it fits you you can bid on them otherwise move on to the next
  • Beginners should focus on developing their profile and get good feedback by doing jobs with low income

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by promoting someone else’s products. You will earn with every sale you make. This is one of the best and easiest online business ideas for beginners. There are numerous companies that use affiliate marketing to promote their products. You will be given a tracking link which you will use every time you mention anything about the product. There are a few ways by which you can do affiliate marketing like:

  • Promoting products like eBooks, video, membership sites etc. From this method, you can earn quite a fair amount of money. It’s a comparatively easier way to do Affiliate Marketing
  • Partnering with Amazon is another profitable way of doing Affiliate Marketing. You literally get millions of products to choose from.

Different companies use different payment methods, such as:

  • Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs: You will earn your commission every time someone clicks on the link that you gave
  • Pay Per Sale: Here you will get the money when from everyone sale made

Before you start your venture with Affiliate Marketing make sure you have a basic sense of SEO and copywriting.

4. Publish an eBook On Amazon

If you love to write and want to turn your passion into your business, then self-publishing a book online is the best way to do so. You can make money by selling your skills. You can publish your book on Amazon and it’s very easy to make money out of it. It is also one of the best online business ideas for beginners.

If you are able to make 100 sales within the first week of your launch, Amazon will automatically take over it and start promoting on behalf of you. This way you can earn a really good amount of money.

How to publish a good eBook:

  • Before you start writing it down try to know peoples’ opinion on the topic. Take a small survey and try to figure out whether they like the idea or not.
  • Try to maintain the format of the book according to Amazon’s standards.
  • Start writing regularly. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes.
  • Stick to the outline as much as possible

Once you are done with the writing and formatting part go to KDP.amazon.com. and login with your Amazon’s credentials. There will be an option titled “Create a New Title” and click onto “Kindle eBook.”

5. Flipping Domains

You must have heard about flipping at the real-estates? Where people buy a property and sell it to others for a higher amount after renovating and furnishing it. The same concept is applied while flipping domains. Where you buy domains and then sell it for a higher profit. If you master this business, then it can generate a good amount of money.

You can do this by selling your own domain also or you can buy someone else’s domain and sell it to someone else by making some profit. One can use resources from Empire Flippers to buy and sell domains.

6. E-commerce business

E-commerce is one of the oldest online business ideas for beginners. In simple words, e-commerce means selling products and goods on the internet. However, you may face a lot of competition in this field but the opportunity in e-commerce is huge and one can make a great success in this market. Now, to start an e-commerce business, you have to go through a number of steps that includes planning and legal procedures. The steps are:

  • Do thorough market research before starting the business. Create and note down a proper business plan. Also, select your niche.
  • After you have made a business plan and chosen a niche, the next step is to give your business a name. You will have to choose a legal structure also such as sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC or general partnership.
  • Now, you should apply for an employer identification number or EIN.
  • To start your business legally, you should apply for business permits and licenses.
  • After all the legal procedures for registration is completed, you have to select an e-commerce platform of your choice and start creating the website. Some of the popular e-commerce platforms are Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, etc.
  • The next step is you have to find a source for the products you will be selling.
  • Finally, start promoting your e-commerce business.

7. Selling online courses

Creating and selling online courses is an emerging online business idea for beginners in this digital world. With the advancement of technology and development of many online course platforms, selling your course online has become easier than ever before. There is a huge scope in this field as in today’s world; students are professionals are continuously looking for learning new skills.

Therefore, if you have any such skills that will be helpful for others such as blogging, digital marketing, programming, or anything, you can easily create a course on that. Moreover, this is a source of passive income in which you have to create the course only once and can sell it again and again. There are some steps that you should follow to start this business.

  • Select a topic of your choice on which you want to take the course.
  • Perform some market research to find out whether there is any demand for the course that you are willing to create.
  • Make a structure or outline for your course.
  • Select a suitable teaching method or a format such as audio, video, texts, infographics, etc.
  • Start creating your course. Try to break it into several chapters. Proofread to make sure there are no errors.
  • Choose an online platform for selling your course.
  • Then, upload your course on the chosen platform.
  • Start promoting your course.
  • The information of your course must be up-to-date and relevant so make necessary changes every month.
  • Continue creating more courses related to your chosen topic.

8. Start a consulting business

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This can be one of the greatest online business ideas for beginners. If you have any technical skill or if you are an expert on any specific profession, then this can be a very good way of earning money. It can be anything such as taxation, education, IT, etc. The only thing is that you should have enough confidence that you can offer your skill to help others. Follow the steps mentioned below to start your consulting business.

  • Select a particular niche on which you have detailed knowledge and experience.
  • Choose the type of consulting business you want to create. It can be management consulting, corporate consulting and independent consulting.
  • Try to build strong expertise in any one particular segment of your niche.
  • Decide the value of your service, that is the money you will charge for your services.
  • Make an idea about your ability to deliver the services so that you can deliver as per your promises.
  • Start looking for your first client.
  • Always try to produce more value than what you have promised to your client.
  • Ask for a feedback or a testimonial from your clients.
  • Use that testimonial to get more clients.

9. Create Your YouTube Channel

Earning from your YouTube channel can be the most interesting online business idea for beginners. To create your YouTube channel, you do not require any specific skills. You can make videos on anything that you like or anything from your daily life that will interest the viewers. The only thing is to try to make your videos interesting. Here are the steps you can follow to create and monetize your YouTube channel.

  • Create a YouTube channel by using your Gmail account.
  • Choose a niche for your channel, which must be profitable,
  • You must focus on your content. Develop a content strategy that will help you to get a huge audience.
  • Monetize your YouTube channel with the help of Google AdSense.
  • Find the best tools for creating your videos. You do not have to buy any expensive cameras. Your smartphone is enough to help you earn money.
  • Promote your YouTube channel.
  • Start monetizing your channel by advertising, affiliate marketing, direct promotion, paid videos, and crowdsourcing.

10. Make money through Amazon

Making money through Amazon can be another great online business idea for beginners. There are various other online e-commerce platforms on which you can sell your products such as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc. However, Amazon offers the greatest opportunity among all the online platforms. Here are various ways in which you can make money through Amazon.

  • Sell your private level products on the platform.
  • You can publish eBooks by using Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Sell wholesale goods of other companies to your customers.
  • Join Amazon’s delivery service and deliver goods for them.
  • Join Amazon Associates Program, which is an affiliate program offered by Amazon.
  • Buy products from other online platforms such as eBay and sell them on Amazon.
  • Become a work from home employee of Amazon.
  • Sell your handcrafts through Amazon Handmade on Amazon’s platform.
  • Exchange unwanted items through Amazon’s Trade-In Program.
  • Serve others through Amazon Services.


Starting an online business can be a very good idea in the present situation of global coronavirus pandemic. The demand for digital products and services has become higher than ever before. Online business provides a huge opportunity and now is the ideal time to start your online venture. However, there will be a huge competition in the market so it will be not an easy job to achieve success in this world of digital products and services. The first and foremost thing that you will require to start an online business is good marketing skills. Mentioned above are some of the best online business ideas for beginners. Before choosing any of the ideas, do detailed market research about it.


Q. What are some of the best jobs to do as a freelancer?

Ans: Some of the best freelancer jobs are writer, photographer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, web developer, etc.

Q. How much a freelance content writer can earn as a beginner?

Ans: You can make a decent amount from content writing. It entirely depends upon your skills, experience and your clients.

Q. How to sell eBooks on Amazon?

Ans: To sell eBooks on Amazon, you have to convert your books into electronic format and then upload that on Amazon’s platform by using Kindle Direct Publishing Tool. You have to give all the information regarding the book and finally sell it via Amazon Kindle Store.

Q. How much money can an affiliate marketer earn as a beginner?

Ans: As a beginner, an affiliate marketer can earn $300 per day to $3000 per day.

Q. How much money can one make from a YouTube channel?

Ans: There are various ways to earn money from YouTube. However, YouTube pays $1 to $5 even more for 1000 views on your video (It depends on the content, watch time, countries/GEO, etc.).

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