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5 Best Career Coach Near Me in the USA: CA, NY, Chi-Town, TX, PA

Are you search for “Career Coach Near Me“? Deciding what to do with your life seems daunting at best and impossible at worst. Every teenager struggles with choosing his or her career path at one point or another.

Deciding and committing to one career for the rest of your life is no easy task and needs some amount of guiding and counseling.

You may think that you love something and should make it your career but it may turn out that you do not like to do it professionally.

On the other hand, you may be pressurized into taking up something by your parents or the society because it offers “good job prospects”.

However, to find the right path for you, a job that you will enjoy doing, it is always advisable to take some professional guidance. This is where career counselors/coaches come in.

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From helping you to decide what subjects to take up in college and identifying your skillset to guiding you towards the right career, these counselors will help you with everything.

However, finding a career coach near me is not an easy job. This article has tried to list out coaches in your state whom you may approach.

We hope that you will seek out the right guidance and choose the career best suited to your personality, interests, and monetary needs.

Below is a list of Career Coach Near Me in various states in the USA:

Career Coach near me in California:

Karen Rose is a licensed career coach in Berkeley, California. She knows how having the right career impacts your life and promises to help you reach your true potential and choose a career-best suited to you.

She has thirty-six years of experience as a career counselor, career coach, and psychotherapist and she wants to put this to use and help individuals.

She will help you in identifying and articulating your goals (short and long term), overcoming work-life challenges, and improving your relationships and resilience.

She strongly believes that your career is one of the most important aspects of your life and thus helps people accordingly.

She counsels people at various stages in their lives such as you have just chosen your career and is feeling tense, or you are not getting a promotion, or you are willing to start your own business.

Karen Rose specializes in any and everything related to career counseling. She is focused on guiding you to choose your desired career where you find all the joys of life.

Career Coach near me in New York:

Ms. Jane Cranston is a licensed career coach in New York City, New York. She has been in this field for the past twenty-six years and knows each and everything about human psychology.

She graduated from New York University in 1994 and has made a place for herself in the field of career coaching since then.

Her specialties are career coaching, life coaching, and testing and evaluation. She also deals with workplace issues.

If you are a success-driven individual who is looking to be in the right industry but does not know where to start, then Jane Cranston is the person for you.

Not only start but if you are looking for work challenges, searching for a new position, or looking to change your career entirely, Jane has the solution for you.

Ms. Jane Cranston has been dealing with the process of finding an ideal job for her clients and she fully understands what job will suit you the best.

She understands how stressful it is and hopes she can provide some needed guidance. She is an experienced career coach and is fully aware of all the career options around us.

She can provide you with all the important advice so that you can move forward towards the next step in your career.

Her techniques involve role-playing, building a network, and helping you to negotiate to reach your goal.

She understands that your career is a huge part of you and your life and promises to help you identify the right field/industry for you and reach your true potential in the said field.

Thus, if you are looking to start or are feeling unsatisfied/unfulfilled with your job and have been debating with the idea of changing jobs then reaching out to a career counselor may be the right thing to do.

Besides, if you live in New York, Jane Cranston is just the person for you.

Career coach near me in Chicago:

A licensed career coach in Chicago, Illinois Ingrid Erickson works with adults who are facing problems in their professional life.

She helps them identify their career goals and build skills to overcome challenges and reach those goals.

She deals with all those issues that are related to your career, education, relationships, and family. She also deals with certain mental conditions namely –

coping skills, depression, self-esteem, and stress. Other issues that she manages include family conflicts, life transitions, peer relationships, relationship issues, and sports performance.

If you are struggling with your career or any of the above-mentioned issues, you can seek out Ingrid Erickson in Chicago.

She understands how difficult it is to start on a professional path and promises to provide not only guidance but also mental support for the stress that comes with it.

Apart from that if you are looking to change your job and do not know how to confront yourself or others about it, then to Ingrid Erickson is the person to seek out.

The techniques that Ingrid Erickson uses are various types of therapies that are related to your behavior and mental strength and other psychological tests.

Thus, with such a diverse background and years of experience, Ingrid Erickson is the person to reach out to if you are a resident of Chicago and are looking for a career coach.

Career coach in Texas:

Rowan Hartin is a licensed career coach and she has her clinic in Austin, Texas where she practices career counseling.

She graduated from the Texas State University-San Marcos in the year 2008 and has six years of professional experience.

If you are an individual who is in their twenties and feels stuck then Rowan Hartin is the person to approach. She understands the struggles of choosing what industry you should be in and then looking for a job in that industry.

She believes that the twenties and thirties are the deciding decades in your life and if you are feeling stuck/unsatisfied with your job, now is the time to invest in therapy.

She deals with various mental problems as well as ADHD, angst, anxiety, and dealing with embracing adulthood. She works best with young adults who are fresh out of college and do not know what the right path for them is and Millennials nearing mid-life.

She helps with many things and her abilities shine while helping people with their “big life decisions”. She advises clients on various issues related to life, career, decision-making, dating, family, and other mental issues.

She will guide you towards discovering yourself and your passions and hobbies so that you are in turn able to choose the best career for you.

She also deals with various other issues such as chronic illness, chronic pain, coping skills, grief, life transitions, school issues, queer relationship issues, sleep or insomnia, spirituality, transgender and women’s issues.

Hers is a sex-positive and judgment-free space where you can open up about anything you are going through in life. She welcomes individuals of all gender identities and sexual/ romantic orientations.

Some of the techniques that she uses are compassion-focused, cognitive-behavioral, experimental therapy, mindfulness-based, positive psychology, etc.

So if you are someone that needs guidance and a place to talk be it about your career or not and you live in Austin, Texas then Rowan Hartin is the person to go to.

Career coach near me in Pennsylvania:

Jared Epler is a licensed career coach and he practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He completed his graduation in 2014 and has an experience of two years in this field.

If you are just starting in your career or are feeling stuck in your job then Jared Epler may be able to help you out.

He helps his clients to choose the best career path in which they can excel as well as they can be happy and content.

He believes that your career plays a major role in your life and if you are not happy in your job then you will not be fully and completely happy in your life either.

Not only does he deal with career counseling, anxiety, and depression but also he deals with other important matters like how to go through different tough situations in your life.

It may be anything such as your relationship issues, career related issues, study-related issues, family issues, etc.

He uses various therapy methods such as coaching, cognitive-behavioral, eclectic, mindfulness-based (MBCT), humanistic, multicultural, person-centered, positive psychology, relational, and solution-focused brief (SFBT).

He works with individuals as well as groups and creates a safe environment for any and everyone to share what has been going through their minds. Therefore, if you are a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and need counseling, Jared Epler is the person to seek out.


Everyone faces career struggles. You may be someone who is just starting on their career path or someone who feels stuck and wants to change their career entirely.

Whatever the case may be, it is always wise and advisable to seek guidance from a professional before making rash decisions by yourself.

Your career is one of the most important things in life and it is simply not worth it to continue a job that is not providing you with fulfillment or satisfaction. Monetary need is a major factor of concern but it is not the only factor.

The kind of happiness you get from doing something you are truly passionate about cannot be made up for by money.

Thus, career coaching is recommended because career coaches can help you reach your potential and provide a balanced and unbiased review of what you should do with your life.

Through this article, we hope that we have been able to bring forth the importance of career counseling/coaching and have been able to provide you with some career counselors near me.


What is career coaching/counseling?

Career coaching is a service provided by certified professionals where they help/guide you to make the best career choices for yourself.

Whether you are just starting or want to change jobs, these professionals help with everything. They also help you understand what you are truly passionate about and reach your true potential.

How important is career coaching?

Career coaching is very important because you do not want to make a wrong decision and be stuck with it for the rest of your life.

Instead, if you consult a career coach they will help you understand your skillset and passions and thus guide you towards the best career option for you.

With a career counselor, you can make a joint effort to identify and reach your goals and receive optimum results.

How to find a career coach?

To find a career coach you can type – career coaches near me on Google and set up an appointment with a coach you think will suit you. You can also take advice from your friends and relatives.

Should I consult a coach even if I have decided on a career path for myself?

Yes. Even if you have decided, what career you want to pursue it is still advisable to consult a coach for an unbiased second opinion.

Why should I spend money on career coaching if I do not need it?

You may think you do not need coaching but the reality may be different. You will have a clearer idea of what career you should pursue after a consultation with a career coach. As for the money aspect, look at it as a long-term investment.

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