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How to Get Free Cable TV Legally in America? [6 Best Ways]

Know, How to Get Free Cable TV Legally in the United States. It’s fun watching cable TV after a long tiring day at work. Yet you cannot ignore that watching cable table has become quite expensive.

According to the poll, an average household in the United States spends $85 every month on Cable TV. According to the 2018 study, DTH (Direct-To-Home) satellite TV viewers pay more than $100 every month to watch TV channels.

So, if you’re using cable or DTH TV you need to spend about $500-$1200 a year. Some shows have found their way into our hearts and considering that we keep tossing countless money at them.

This has cost us a lot and appears to contribute to our daily expenditures. You don’t want to pay, so you’re not ready to give up on cable TV.

How about that, if we tell you that you can get access to your favorite movies and shows without paying a cent. In the last few years, the expense of Cable TV has been much costlier due to the growing number of subscribers.

At the beginning of 2017, the cable industry lost more than 40,000 subscribers and the figure is rising day by day. Why pay $80+ on Cable TV per month that you can get for free?

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Need not panic, we’ve got you the best solution to your dilemma. Luckily, there are several free options available for cable TV that will let you have your favorite TV without contributing to your bills.

If you’re searching for free alternatives, you landed on the right page. Here are some awesome Cable TV replacements that not only make you watch your favorite programs but also keep your cash in your wallet. 

Is it legal?

Yes, everything here is 100% legal and already used by many people. It works efficiently.

6 legit ways How to Get Free Cable TV Legally in the United States of America:

Many businesses are selling you their amazing offers and services and tricking you into their traps. But no more, we’ve got you some legitimate options that might work for you to get a free cable TV service. Choose the most effective approach that satisfies the specifications.

1. HDTV Antenna

This option will sound dated, but this is going to work wonders for you. TV Antennas are on their way back to our lives. These aren’t the TV antennas of old days that were used to get a stable signal.

These are sleek, easy-to-install HDTV antennas. They’re Broadband Streaming TV that most people don’t talk about. A non-technical person can also set it up.

It offers some free networks such as CW, Grit, Home Shopping Network, MeTv, PBS, QVC, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and many more. Receiving a good channel, though, depends on several factors, such as the distance between your house and the closest tower.

If you live too close to the broadcast tower, so use the attenuator, even if you live within 35 miles from the tower, you’re served with the strongest signal.

It also relies on the type of material used, including coaxial cables, during installation. It cost a bit, but after you’ve installed it, it’s cost-free.

2. Android TV box

You can purchase an Android TV box with a starting price of $50 or more depending on the features it has. You will be able to enjoy movies and TV shows using it.

If the box is completely installed as stated in the guidelines, you can browse popular websites, applications like Netflix, Twitter, basic and premium TV channels of your choice.

May have to spend money only once. Also, you’ll get a remote control which you can use as a cable TV.

3. Free video streaming platforms

If you’re looking for a free cable TV, the Internet is the better alternative. You get a wide range of various genre videos. The amazing fact is that it’s cost-free.

You will require a stable internet connection, your preferred platform, and a platform-running device. Most of them are free, but for a premium edition, you need to pay a small sum of money.

Generally, you need to pay for the internet only. But you can still find a lot of places to get a free internet connection at home on the internet.


Today, YouTube has become so popular. By watching shows, you can even make a living by being a creator. It is mainly free, but there is also a marginal premium edition. You will select any movie or show that you like.

People keep uploading the latest videos every day. You can stream live television, web series, movies, short films, cartoons, and more.

Amazon Prime Videos:

This is a video streaming site that is only open to Amazon Prime owners. But if you don’t want membership, you can always get access to Prime Videos for less than $10 a month.

If you’re not interested in paying even a cent, then, happily, Prime Video provides online access to thousands of free movies and TV shows.


Netflix is similar to Amazon Prime Videos, except it’s more popular than that. It’s got more than 75 million users. It provides the best quality and variety of programs.

It’s not free of charge, but it gives a 30-day trial period. If you are not pleased with the programs, you can cancel a free trial at any time. It offers three different plans.

  • Basic for $8.99 a month
  • Standard for $12.99 a month
  • Premium for $15.99 a month

    For more details, you can visit the official website. However, their cost is much less than the monthly Cable TV bill.

4. PlayOn Desktop/Mobile App

PlayOn Desktop is an app that can be accessed from a PC or a notebook, and a PlayOn mobile app could be downloaded from a smartphone.

It’s a network that brings you to the top streaming website to watch your favorite TV show. You have to connect it to an HDMI port or other hardware.

5. Pluto

Pluto is an application that gives you the same experience as Cable. It’s a free source to stream the best channels and movies. It includes channels such as TV Land, AMC, BET, CNN, NBC News. Pluto for Android | Pluto fro iOS/Apple

6. Ask a friend

This approach is the cheapest and easiest solution to Cable TV. You can ask your friends, neighbours, or family to share some movies or recorded episodes of your favorite show.

This choice might sound crazy, but it’s worth it unless you don’t have to spend any money on it.

So here were some amazing and legal ways to get free cable TV. By following these techniques, you can save a lot of money to save it for future use.

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