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I Don’t Know What Career I Want, How To Set Career Goals?

After crossing the age of 18, we need to set goals for our future. But there are some complications with which many of us have a common question: “I don’t know what career I want”. It means they still can’t set goals or dream careers for themselves.

For those who face this type of problem today’s articles for them to find the right track for their future career. When you finish college and you are graduated, now you may find a job or think about building up your career.

But the problem is some of you couldn’t understand which career you want or prepare for. First, you need to be thinking about yourself. What thing do you like most?

What do you like to do most and what is your passion? Now think about these questions. Do you like to take photos or you like hiking or you may love to be self-employed? By thoughts, you will find your next destination.

What is the career pathway?

Now you folks may think that “what is a career pathway?”. So the career pathway means several experiences of work. A person who has a few working pathways in his Curriculum vanitas.

It means he has a large working experience from different places. If you are thinking of making these kinds of pathways, first you need to start a job from the intermediate level.

And after gaining experience you need to move on to the higher version. That’s how you will make your demand higher than the other competitor in the job market. I hope now you guys get clearance about the career pathway.

But your success depends on which path you chose. If you confused about your future career then make your choice first. If you are not sure which way you should go then your future is like a ship without a captain.

If a ship runs without a captain, then it is going to be lost or sink in the middle of the ocean. That means if you don’t try to find your field of interest otherwise the result will be inauspicious.

Well, there are some other options available, if still, you don’t get the answer of I don’t know what I want to do for a career. Then you might try these steps. The steps will be simple and you don’t need to go out for this.

The discussed method will help you gather more information about the career and also you will get awareness for the wrong steps. Not only that, if somehow anyone going through a deep depression then following those steps may be able to relieve the depression. So now we will see the activities one by one below:

Talk To Families Older Person:

You folks may think; I’m acting crazy but it’s true. Cause the older person of your family would be the source of your inspiration. Because the older person in the family is like a power bank.

But why am I comparing them with a power bank? So let’s see, an older person has a huge experience about the career path. They have passed those days and also their failure and success make their base stronger.

But today they lay down for the age. Now they could not work hard but the experience they gathered still shines. So by sharing your thoughts they can give you a better suggestion. That’s the way in which you may find your unknown question answer.

Gather information as much as possible:

Restoring the information is a very important part of searching for the perfect career path. “I don’t know what career I want to pursue” If you face this kind of quarry then you might be suffering from lacking knowledge about yourself.

In this stage, How you cure the matter as there are few types of solutions are available. By following those paths, you will find the right track for your career. You can get this data in several ways.

The first one is assembling the info physically. you can pick up those reports from the library. By studying books and reports you are able to strengthen your knowledge. But that’s not only the reason you can come here.

You can also get lots of books which not only make your knowledge enriched and also build your confidence and that’s how you can find your career path. Now let’s talk about the other option.

Now come to the virtual ground, in here comes the virtual knowledge which brings google. World largest and most advanced search engine. Here you can find everything and anything, just write what everyone wants to learn and they just give you a perfect solution not only that you can also save more time.

And for this, you don’t need to go out, just need an internet connection and a device which can be your phone, laptop, desktop PC, etc. you will get no boundary in here. you could be unstoppable if you have a hunger for learning.  That’s how you can solve the problem and build up your career.

What is a career cluster?

Here some people who don’t have enough ideas about career clusters. So they all have a similar question of what career clusters. So if I said about the career cluster then I may say it’s not a short tram process.

Now let’s comprehend the beginning part of career clusters. Now if you want a grand main dish at the launch then you need to prepare yourself first. At first, make a decision on how you want to take the supper. 

You can take the meal from home or a hotel. If you are thinking of taking the launch from home then you need to buy ingredients to prepare the food. But if you have it from a hotel then just select a hotel and enjoy the food with the environment.

So what do we get here? This is a long tram process of making plans and implements them according to the plan. The career clusters do not end here. A career cluster is made with several experiences working.

So you need to combine the experience and study it. Which steps you shouldn’t need to take or which need to be more perfect. Study your failure, doing that you can get a clear path to success.

So now what we get by this, if we need a good career cluster then we need to examine our past and take the plans for the future very carefully. I hope I’m able to explain it to you folks and clear your chaos about the career cluster.

I Don’t Know What Career I Want So, How To Set Career Goals?

There is a proverb “a ship can’t run without a captain”. It means if we don’t have any goal in our life then the result will be not good. It will also affect our future generation. So if you still don’t know what are your career objectives over the next 10 years?

Then it is time to find out. There are some steps for setting a goal for enhancing your career. So the initial step is why setting a goal is crucial? Well, by holding a goal you can provide yourself and future generations a better path.

Mainly there are two paths followed for setting career goals. The short-term and the long-term are the two methods of setting up a career goal.

The short term Goal:

The goal isn’t easy to achieve at all. If you only plan for a long-term goal then you may haven’t any idea about how to set a goal. Not to worry this article helps you to grasp and set up the goal for yourself.

the article just shows you the right way, It’s you who need to take a walk on the way so all up to you. Now if you need to set and complete your long-term goal then first set up and complete the short-term goal.

Because the long-term goal needs many years to gain. But the short-term goal completes in a minimum time. So that first you need to fix the short-term goal. The short-term goal is not a different part of the goal setup section.

It’s meant by completing the short term goal, in reality, you reduce the distance from your main goal or long-term goal. So the summary is the short-term goal is a part of the long-term goal and by performing this you can achieve the main goal of your life.

The Long term Goal:

In the short-term goals portion, the maximum things will be included. So now what we see is that the long term goal is the type of goal which you want to achieve over a long time. So it can get a job in your dream institute or get a promotion.

For achieving this you need to achieve several short-term goals and after that, you can come in touch with your main goal. And by achieving those you may be able to succeed in your life.

You also can advise your upcoming generation to follow your path and gain success in their life too. You may think that all about the goal but it’s only a start. When you set up your goal for the future, you must be visionary.

Cause when you set up your long-term goal for a certain time, it can be for 1 year or more. Always do some advanced work as a result you will be one step ahead of others so that when you plan your career goal, you will plan for the upcoming ten years.

By these, you are able to continue your journey in a system. And by systematically running yourself you may find the answer of “I don’t know what career I want” So that’s how goals play a vital position in every person’s life.

End Talk About Build Up Your Career:

In the end, I want to share a few words with the readers. If you guys right now in college then think about the future. And also think about your future career, If you don’t think right now then you will lose your important time.

In the first stage take some short-term goals and complete that. When you gain a few work experiences at these moments you need to set the next step which is to set your career path. It’s time to make your choice what fits you.

Someone like the health sector, Someone like the defense sector, and so on. Which is your favorite sector, just in it and star gathering experience and start your career path. That’s how you can achieve your career and career goals.

Remember one thing, always try to move on to your goal. Sometimes obstacles come our way. But it depends on us, are we continuing to keep going or we just stop on the way. Hard work will make your future brighter.

Someone said the struggle is a key to success. It’s as simple as clear that moving forward will bring struggles that you have to face to shine in life. But I need to work hard and never look back. If some obstacles come in your way and you fall back then you never gain succession life. So keep working hard, Success has to come in your career.

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