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25 Best Remote Customer Service Jobs Flexible Work from Home

Here are 25 best Remote Customer Service Jobs for students and professionals. As the business sectors are expanding with every passing day, companies are hiring more people who have customer service skills. Huge numbers of them outsource their services to enormous organizations that have expertise in discovering people who are fit for these positions.

Alongside such expansion in business sectors, access to the internet and other various apps have made the concept of work from home quite simple. Together, these two sources have helped in the expansion of remote customer service jobs.

So, if you have good customer service skills, problem-solving skills, computer skills and are looking for work from home jobs then the below-mentioned job options might prove to be helpful.

Best Remote Customer Service Jobs List: Opportunity for Work from Home:

#1Travel AgentADTRAVClick
#3Remote Customer Service AgentRemote.coClick
#4Client Relationship AssociateVanguard GroupClick
#5Patient Care CoordinatorHealthcare SupportClick
#7Customer Service EngineerVerizonClick
#8Client Service CoordinatorUnitedhealth GroupClick
$9Virtual receptionistSmith.aiClick
#10Chat AgentLive Chat AgentClick
#11Technical Support RepresentativeAppleClick
#12Virtual AssistantBoldlyClick
#13Call AgenteCore ServicesClick
#14Customer Service RepresentativeDelta DefenseClick
#15Manager, Customer CareSunrunClick
#16Chat RepresentativeGap Inc.Click
#17Customer Experience OperationsSlackClick
#18Customer Service AgentWilliams-Sonoma Inc.Click
#19Customer Care SupportSutherlandClick
#20French Customer Service Rep.WayfairClick
#21Call Center AgentHarry & DavidClick
#22Live Chat AgentThe Chat ShopClick
#23E-Commerce Customer SupportNoxsolutions.comClick
#24Live Chat SpecialistOne FireflyClick
#25Seasonal Customer Care SpecialistNordstromClick
Remote Customer Service Jobs

1. Travel Agent

Though a major part of the travellers now uses various websites to plan their tours, the demand for travel agents is still high. Nowadays, travel agents are required to plan corporate tours, large trips with big groups of tourists, or helping frequent travellers.

Many travel agents like to do their jobs from the office but with the advancement of technology, this is turning into one of the popular remote customer service jobs. Now, the main job of a travel agent is to plan a trip according to the demands of their clients such that the trip becomes convenient and enjoyable. Some of the tasks of a travel agent are:

  • Booking tickets for domestic and international travel.
  • Bookings rooms and making reservations at hotels.
  • Preparing itineraries and travel plans according to the demands of the travellers.
  • Providing information about the places of travel.
  • Helping to prepare travel documents such as visa, travel insurance, etc.

A bachelor’s degree in any field is good enough to become a travel agent. If it is possible, doing some certification courses is an extra benefit. Some of the skills that you will require to become a travel agent are customer service skills, problem-solving skills, computer skills and negotiating skills.

There are many companies that hire travel agents and provide the option of work from home. ADTRAV Travel Management is one such company, having its headquarters at Birmingham, Alabama. The official website of the company is https://www.adtrav.com. A travel agent’s average salary in the US is $48,368/Year.

2. Social Media Customer Service Associate

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In this digital world, each and every organization has its own social media accounts to get more customers and to make their mark in the world of business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram play a massive role in building relationships with clients.

Brands are using social media platforms to create a community of their potential customers. Moreover, social media offers an excellent platform for customer service. Here, they can interact with their customers and can easily know their feedback. It saves a lot of time.

However, to manage social media customer services, companies require an associate. Since all companies are depending on social media nowadays, social media customer service associates can be one of the best remote customer service jobs.

As a customer care agent, your job will be to help customers with whatever problems they face. Other duties depend upon the company in which you are working.

Bachelor’s degree in any field is enough to become a customer service associate. However, certification courses and training can be an added benefit. Skills that you will require to become a social media customer service associate are social media skills, knowledge about social media strategies, SEO skills, multitasking skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Upwork can be an ideal platform for finding social media customer service jobs. It is a California based freelancing platform, founded in 2015. A customer service agent’s $250 monthly average salary. Freelancer.com pays freelancers through PayPal, bank transfer, or wire transfer.

3. Remote Customer Service Agent

Remote customer service agent is another well-known remote customer service job. A remote customer service agent is required to interact with clients over the phone or through the computer.

Just like a social media customer service associate, his job is to clarify the doubts of the customers as well as solve the problems that a customer is facing regarding the products and services of their company.

You will have to listen to all the issues that a customer is facing and then provide him with all the details. To become a customer service agent, you do not require any specific degree. A high school degree or a college degree will make you eligible for this job.

Since you will be communicating with the clients via phone or computer, you must have proper knowledge about the basic technologies to conduct conversations over emails, live chats and other platforms.

You should also have problem-solving skills, communication skills, and listening skills. You will get remote customer service jobs in remote.co, which is a platform that offers remote work opportunities to the users. The official site of the platform is https://remote.co. The average annual salary of a remote customer service agent is $30,000.

4. Client Relationship Associate

Client relationship associate is another remote customer service job, which is in high demand as maintaining a good relationship with the clients is an integral part of any organization.

A client relationship associate must communicate with their clients to know about their requirements so that proper services can be provided. For the growth of the organization, he is required to build a healthy and long-term relationship with the customers.

He must have the skills to analyze the concerns of the clients and should discuss those problems with the management of the organization so that they can be solved.

To become a client relationship, you should have a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. You should also do some marketing and communication courses for getting a better job.

Skills that are necessary are communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, time-management skills, marketing skills, etc. A client relationship associate earns $44,000 per year on average.

There are various companies where you can apply for this job. Please check the above jobs list table. The requirements vary from one company to another.

5. Patient Care Coordinator

A patient care coordinator is one, who connects with the patients over phone and internet and schedules their appointments with specific doctors. Some of the duties of a patient coordinator are to manage patient care and patient placement, communicate with the doctors to provide details of the patient.

Communicate with the family members of the patient to provide them with necessary information about the condition of the patient, answer phone calls of the patients, helping the patients to get insurances.

Work with the HRs, data collection, and many more. With the enormous development in healthcare sectors, this can be a great remote customer service job.

To work in this field, you will require a bachelor’s degree in any course with an associate degree in healthcare. Some experience in the healthcare sector is an extra benefit.

Skills required are communication skills, data entry skills, customer service skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of medical terminologies. An average salary of a patient care coordinator is $35,000 per year.

Healthcare Support is one such company, where you will find remote jobs. The official website is https://www.healthcaresupport.com.

6. Home call center

This job can be done anywhere irrespective of the place you stay. Several companies rigorously hire home Call agents during their peak seasons. Among other qualifications, you should be fluent in the language of the customers, must have good internet access, and a 24 hours operating phone line.

You can choose among night shifts, day shifts, or weekend shifts depending on your time zone and preference.

Aerotek is a  leading recruitment and staffing company that hires home call agents. Founded by Steve Bisciotti in the year 1983, this company believes in bringing great companies and great people together. It’s headquarter is located in Hanover, United States.

Daily tasks you will be required to do:

  • Handling calls regarding enrollment queries and sales assistance for the customers interested in Medicare.
  • Ensuring compliance of all CMS requirements during the sales presentation.
  • Enrolling interested people.
  • Knowing and maintaining basic knowledge about medicare and Connecticare products.

Qualification requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent education qualification.
  •  Ability to type 35+ words per minute
  •  Experience in customer service
  • Must live in the Orlando area

It is a full-time job with an average pay of $12.5/hr. You must be available from Monday to Friday till 7 pm. This ranks among some of the best customer service work from home jobs.

7. Customer Service Engineer

This job primarily requires you to solve technical issues the customers might have with the company’s product or services. You will be required to solve complex problems independently and also work alongside development engineers to deliver solutions to customers within the time limit.

Several companies hire Service Engineers, Verizon is one such company. This company was founded by two parent companies Vodafone and Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 and Their Headquartered in Hanover, United States. This a multinational telecommunication company specializing in wireless products and services.

Daily Responsibilities include:

  • Providing global support and solving technical issues of worldwide customers.
  • Managing customers simultaneously in a highly demanding environment.
  • Working closely with the development team to resolve bugs in products and services in a timely fashion.
  • Taking independent initiatives to solve issues and develop and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Providing additional tips, healthy practices, and solutions whenever possible.
  • Delivering positive communication to both internal and external customers.

Qualifications required:

  • Bachelor’s degree or over four years of work experience.
  • Four plus (4+ years) years of related employment experience.
  • 3 plus years of experience in customer support or sales engineering or similar job which required you to communicate with customers in close proximity.
  • thorough understanding of VoIP, H.323, SIP, Firewalls/NAT traversal, and Gatekeepers.

This is a full time job which will require you to work 7 hours daily from Monday to Friday. The average salary per annum is $37,000. If you are looking for remote customer support jobs this is the one.

8. Client Service Coordinator

The primary objective of a customer service coordinator is to maintain the positive image brand and reputation of the company. They act as the middleman between clients and the organization and ensures that information from one end reaches to other and vice versa.

If you have adequate communication and multi-tasking skills and are looking for a job in this field, then you can go to the company UnitedHealth group. This is a profit-based healthcare company founded by Richard T Burke and has its headquarters in Minnesota, United States.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • work independently to solve routine problems.
  • Assistance over standard and non-standard requests.
  • Prioritize and organize your work to meet deadlines.
  • Answer approaching calls from clients and distinguish the kind of help the client needs (for example advantage and qualification, charging and installments, approvals for treatment and clarification of advantages (EOBs)
  • You’ll have to take an average of  60 calls daily to solve queries of customers about their prescriptions.
  • Help clients in exploring UnitedHealth Group sites and urge and console them to become independent
  • Use your personality and organization tool to make each call successful.
  • Learn to work in a team.
  • Research complex issues over various databases and work with the support team to determine client issues as well as collaborate with others to determine the problem.


  • Minimum experience of 1 year as a customer support representative.
  • High school diploma or an equivalent of 10 years of work experience.
  • Knowledge of computers and applications and a mind to learn new complex software systems.
  • Bilingual preferred.
  • All the new recruits will be required to go through a series of customer service training.
  • Should be able to multitask and have the knowledge of multiple products associated with the company.

This position requires you to work full-time 40 hours per week, Monday – Saturday. Representatives are needed to have the adaptability to work any of our 8 hours shifts during typical business long stretches of (6:00 am-9:00 pm).

Sometimes you will be required to work extra time as the situation will demand. The average pay for this position is $19 per hour. If you want an online customer service job that you can do from home, then this job is the most proficient.

9. Virtual receptionist

Companies hire virtual receptionists to attend to their clients anywhere, anytime, 24/7. This job requires you to answer phone calls, reply to emails, give feedback to customers, and do other things in the absence of the business representative.

Often, they are even made to do different administrative jobs depending on the company. If this job profile suits you and you see yourself working as a virtual receptionist in the future then you should apply for the company, smith.ai.

This company was founded by Aaron Lee and Justin Maxwell and has its headquarter in Palo Alto, California, United States.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Answering phone calls or web chats for business and professional clients.
  • Collecting payment, transferring calls, taking messages, etc.
  • Able to interpret the caller’s needs and provide solutions accordingly.

The qualities that must be present in you:

  • Call answering or receptionist experience.
  • Ability to multitask under pressure and follow instructions properly.
  • Lastly, a great work ethic and excellent communication skills.

They hire for both full time and part-time positions, you must be available for at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week(Monday- Friday). Entry-level receptionists are paid $10 per hour and $11 if you are bilingual. This job is one of the best remote help desk jobs.

10. Chat Agent

A job of a Chat Agent is one of the legitimate work from home customer service job, where you communicate directly with any customer over a phone call or live chat sessions and try to solve their queries. The responsibilities of a Chat Agent includes:

  • Solving customer queries on time via phone call or chat sessions
  • Helping customers use features that they do not know
  • Identifying and reporting product malfunction.

There are various online platforms that offer such jobs and Chat Shop is one of them. The company is not restricted only to US citizens but it hires chat agents from all over the world. But, before you join as a chat agent you have to provide your CV and a speed typing test.

After you are done with this step you have to take a few more tests which are sales skills assessment and aptitude tests. After that, you have to pass one last step which is to give an interview online. The minimum salary that the company pays to their chat agents is $10 per hour.

11. Technical Support Representative

This type of job is one of the best work from customer service jobs that one can opt for if they have good technical skills. The job of a technical support representative includes solving problems of customers related to computer software and hardware, answering phone calls related to technical issues.

Technical support representatives generally work in a team environment. There are some basic skills that a Technical support representative must-have. They are:

  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Data Entry
  • Time Management
  • Problem solving skills

Apple is one such company that hires At-Home Advisors. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. They typically offer training to the employees who are interested in this field. The training lasts up to nine weeks.

The training revolves mostly around Apple products, troubleshooting, and some lessons on job-specific tools. No prior experiences are needed but you have to have knowledge about Mac and other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. According to Glassdoor an average salary of an At Home Advisor is $18 per hour.

12. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who is self-employed being working to provide assistantship to customers in the form of scheduling appointments, managing accounts, making important phone calls and scheduling other office works.

They work from remote locations, usually from their home. There are no hard and fast rules in order to become a Virtual Assistant, no specific degree or skills are required to start working. Although managing accounts, specialization is bookkeeping is an add-on.

Boldly is one such company that hires people for this type of remote customer service job. The company was founded in 2012 by Sandra Lewis and has its headquarters in New York, United States. You will be required to pay a monthly fee in order to continue working with the company.

There are a few requirements that Boldy asks from its applicants. Which are:

  • Minimum seven years if experience is required in an executive assistant role
  • You should have the ability to manage time and be able to multitask
  • Should have knowledge of online tools and software

And the work that you will be doing is managing emails, scheduling appointments with the clients, meetings, conferences, etc., booking hotels and flights for clients. The payment is quite decent with a starting salary of $20 per hour. The payments are done via PayPal.

End Talk:

To make a successful career in customer service requires a lot of patience and hard work. You cannot achieve overnight success in this career. The most important skills that you will need for doing the above-mentioned jobs are good listening skills, excellent communication skills, technical skills, problem-solving skills, data entry skills, customer service skills, and analyzing skills.

To find remote customer service jobs, you can search various job boards like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, or you can apply directly at the websites of the company or can join an association such as the National Customer Service Association (NCSA).


Q. What is the minimum salary of a customer service associate?

The minimum salary of customer service associate is $250 per month

Q. What skills are needed to become a travel agent?

Some of the skills that are required to become a travel agent are customer service skills, problem-solving skills, computer skills and negotiating skills

Q. What is the salary that Apple provides to its Home Advisor agents?

According to Glassdoor an average salary of an At Home Advisor is $18 per hour.

Q. What does Virtual Assistant work?

Virtual Assistants provide their services to customers in the form of scheduling appointments, managing accounts, making important phone calls and scheduling other office works.

Q. What is a Client Serving Co-coordinator’s average salary?

The average pay for the position of a Client Service Coordinator is $19 per hour.

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