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101 Top MLM Companies Who Leads World Network Marketing 2020

What is MLM?

Before we explore the Top MLM companies, we should know what is MLM. The full form of which stands for multilevel marketing is a kind of scheme used by some direct sale companies where individual representatives sell services or products of the company to end consumers.

This strategy encourages existing distributors to recruit and train new distributors to further expand the sales and in return, the individual distributors earn a percentage of their recruit’s sales. Through MLM, an individual may receive profits from both personal sales and the share of sales received by the person hired.

What is MLM business? How does it work?

MLM business, also known as network marketing, is a distribution based marketing business involving multi-tier commission overriding. The aspect of the business encourages individuals to join the distribution chain, which further helps the company to reach its products to interested customers, ultimately leading to a rise in sales.

 Unlike business and startups, In MLM one can even start from scratch and doesn’t require investing a huge capital as such. There are some free to join MLM companies that don’t even have a minimum purchase quota upon registration.

The individual distributors are directly associated with the companies and some companies even offer training to the new recruits. MLM’s main goal is to transfer goods, but rather to use the distributor’s network without any extra expenses, such as marketing collateral.

List of 101 Top MLM Companies in the World – 2020 Latest Update

Company NameRank in 2020Yearly Revenue in USDLast Update Year
Amway#1$8.4 BillionFeb 2020
Market America#2$7.3 Billion2020
Herbalife Nutrition#3$4.89 Billion2019
Avon#4$4.7 Billion2019
Vorwerk#5$4.23 Billion2019
Natura#6$3.66 Billion2019
Mary Kay#7$3.60 Billion2019
Infinitus#8$3.25 Billion2019
Nu skin#9$2.68 Billion2019
Coway Co. Ltd.#10$2.59 Billion2019
Melaleuca#11$2 Billion2020
Young Living#12$1.90 Billion2018
Tupperware#13$1.80 Billion2019
Primerica#14$1.69 Billion2017
Rodan & Fields#15$1.5 Billion2018
Oriflame Cosmetics#16$1.47 Billion2019
Jeunesse#17$1.46 Billion2019
Ambit Energy#18$1.31 Billion2019
DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd#19$1.25 Billion2018
Pola Inc.#20$1.24 Billion2018
O Boticário#21$1.23 Billion2018
USANA Health Sciences#22$1.19 billion2018
Belcorp#23$1.16 billion2018
Atomy#24$1.15 Billion2018
Telecom Plus#25$1.09 Billion2018
Yanbal International#26$994 Million2017
BeachBody#27$863 Million2020
SHOP.COM#28$840 Million2020
PM International#29$834 Million2018
Stream#30$800 Million2018
Team National#31$734.5 Million2018
Arbonne#32$672 MillionJune 2020
AmorePacific#33$600 Million2018
It works!#34$590 Million2019
Hinode#35$528 Million2018
Plexus#36$527 Million2017
OPTAVIA / Medifast, Inc.#37$501 Million2018
Miki#38$498 million2017
Faberlic#39$463 Million2018
Scentsy Inc.#40$449 Million2018
Monat Global#41$435 Million2018
Younique#42$427 Million2018
For Days#43$385 Million2018
WorldVentures#44$377 Million2018
Cosway Corp. Ltd.#45$368 Million2018
Nature’s Sunshine#46$365 Million2018
Prüvit#47$325 Million2018
Beautycounter#48$325 Million2018
4Life Research#49$324.9 Million2018
LG Household & Healthcare#50$304.5 Million2018
Family Heritage Life#51$294 Million2018
Vivint#52$290 Million2018
Pampered Chef#53$280 Million2018
Noevir Co. Ltd.#54$277 Million2018
Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC#55$275 Million2018
Pro-Partner#56$246 Million2018
Pure Romance#57$237 Million2017
Naturally Plus#58$236 Million2018
New Image Group#59$231 Million2018
proWIN International#60$230.2 Million2018
Morinda#61$230 Million2018
CUTCO/Vector#62$226 Million2018
ARIIX#63$220 Million2017
SEACRET Direct#64$211.5 Million2018
Southwestern Advantage#65$209 Million2018
LifeVantage#66$203 Million2018
Vida Divina#67$197 Million2018
KK Assuran#68$195 Million2018
Vestige Marketing#69$194 Million2018
NHT Global#70$192 Million2018
Hillarys Blinds#71$185 Million2018
Giffarine Skyline Unity#72$181 Million2018
BearCere’ Ju Co. Ltd.#73$180 Million2018
Mannatech Inc.#74$173.5 Million2018
Youngevity#75$162 Million2018
Princess House#76$161 Million2018
Charle Corporation#77$158 Million2018
Diana Co. Ltd.#78$147 Million2018
Naris Cosmetics#79$137.5 Million2018
Maruko Co. Ltd.#80$130 Million2018
Marketing Personal#81$125 Million2018
Immunotec Research Ltd.#82$120.5 Million2018
ASEA#83$120 Million2018
Color Street#84$119.03 Million2018
World Global Network#85$119 Million2018
Usborn Books & More#86$118 Million2018
C’BON Cosmetics#87$110 Million2018
Xyngular#88$109 Million2018
TruVision Health#89$106 Million2018
Zhulian Marketing#90$103 Million2018
Nefful Inc.#91$103 Million2018
MyDailyChoice / HempWorx#92$100 Million2018
Perfectly Posh#93$100 Million2018
ENERGETIX#94$94.5 Million2018
Zurvita Holdings Inc.#95$94 Million2018
Arsoa Honsha Corp.#96$90.5 Million2018
Best Int. Ltd.#97$88 Million2018
Hai-O#98$87 Million2018
Koyo-Sha#99$86 Million2018
Shinsei Home Service#100$79 Million2018
Captain Tortue Group#101$77 Million2018
Forever LivingFast Growing$13.6 Million2018
101 Top & Best MLM Companies. This ranking is based on user experience, service, the favor of associates, product quality, legitimate certification, market cap, and worldwide official position.
Best MLM Companies
Best MLM Companies

1. Amway

Amway is one of the best MLM companies out there if not “the best ” and the biggest of all MLM companies with global revenue of 8.4$ billion as of the year 2019 (Last Update – Feb 2020). The company was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel and reinvented the business model known as direct selling.

Amway business enterprise is spread across 6 continents, 100 countries, with a total employee count of 17000 and 1000 plus scientists and engineers for research and development. Their vast range of products includes nutritional products, beauty products, home care products as well as energy or sports products.

Nutrilite, a sub-brand and the trademark of Amway have NSF certification on its food products. Most importantly, Amway has a great community of mentors and learning resources, it offers hands-on experience and skill-building opportunities to the new direct sellers. The registration fee of Amway is less than $100 and is fully refundable within 60-180 days. This comes first among all the best MLM companies to join.

Website link: https://www.amwayglobal.com/

2. Avon

Avon is the second largest among the best network marketing companies with a global turnover of USD $4.7 billion (2019). Avon was founded by David McConnell in London Avon way back in 1886. Avon’s empire is spread across 100 countries with a total employee count of over 25000.

Avon products are more female-oriented with products ranging from skincare, fragrance, make-up, accessories, hair care, and so on. Popular brands include Avon fresh, simply pretty, ANEW, Avon true, etc. They have over 6.4 million representatives globally, mainly women, working under their roof. To join the company one has to pay a minimal nominal fee of $39 upfront.

The representatives are trained and groomed by the company itself. Avon also contributes large sums to charities like raising awareness for breast cancer, domestic violence, and educational and humanitarian work that improves the lives of women and their families.

Website link: https://www.avonworldwide.com/

3. Natura

Natura has a global revenue turnover of $3.66 billion as of the year 2018. This top multi-level marketing company was founded by Antônio Luiz Da Cunha Seabra in 1969. It is similar to Avon in terms of the product it sells and also the target audience is mainly female. Their product ranges from fragrance, cosmetics, makeup, personal hygiene, and so on.

Natura adopted direct sell method tactics in 1974 and now has over 1.7 million representatives working under their roof. Their popular brands include AMO, Aquarela, Aguad, etc. the most prolific achievement of the company was taking over the popular brand “Body Shop” in 2017 and “Avon” in 2020. It ranks 4th among the top 10 network marketing companies worldwide.

Website link: https://naturaeco.com/

4. Nu skin

Nu skin is among the top MLM companies in the USA with global revenue of $2.68 billion (2018) and is spread across over 55 countries with a total employee count of 5000. Nu Skin was founded by Blake Roney in Utah in 1984. Their products mainly focus on skincare and nutrition, the main attraction being their line of “anti-aging” creams and serums.

AgeLOC lumispa and ageloc Me are some of their other popular products. Every product of Nu skin goes through a 6s quality check process. They have over 1.2 million independent distributors working under their umbrella. Nu skin claims to pay approx. 43% of their total product revenue in sales compensation. It is the most competent free to join MLM company.

Website link: https://www.nuskin.com/

5. Melaleuca

Melaleuca is one of the top MLM companies that have a global turnover of $2 billion, with a local workforce of over 2000 employees and operates over 18 countries. Melaleuca was founded by Frank L Vandersloot in 1985 and has its headquarters in Idaho Falls.

Their product ranges from nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, to personal-care products. They also have many US patents registered in their names for supplements and oils. Most of their products are green certified, that is, they are purely organic and haven’t undergone animal testing.

A large number of customers buy their product from their official website, they also have retail locations and a huge number of independent marketing executives who get a commission through referral.

Website link: https://www.melaleuca.com/

6. Rodan & Fields

Rodan & Fields has an annual turnover of $1.5 billion as of 2017 and is ranked among the top network marketing companies in America when it comes to skincare. It was founded by Katie Rodan and Kathy A. Fields in 2002, during that time the products were sold in retail stores.

The following year Rodan & Fields was purchased by  Estée Lauder, although afterward in mid-2007 it was reacquired by the two founders and was later transitioned from departmental stores to multilevel marketing strategy.

Comparatively, it is one of the newest MLM companies to join for the willing individual distributors. They sell mostly skincare products intended for female audiences like cleanser, face mask, moisturizer, etc. One can enroll in R+F as a consultant through a sponsor.

Website link: https://www.rodanandfields.com/

7. It works!

It works! ranks among the fastest-growing MLM companies with annual revenue of $590 million as of 2019. It was founded by Mark Pentecost in the year 2001 and has its headquarters in Palmetto, Florida. Apart from the USA they also operate in South Korea and Ireland.

As of now, they have over 200 employees. Their products are categorized into nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle. To join their firm as an individual distributor, one has to download and connect through apps like Connect, Livefit, etc. to attract more customers and to sell products online, thus increasing the prospect of the business. The basic starter kit costs around $99 including tax and shipment cost.

Website link: https://itworks.com/

8. BeachBody

Beachbody being among the best MLM companies has an annual turnover of $863 million with over 800 employees and 350,000 individual distributors. In 1998 it was founded in Santa Monica by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, California.

Mostly they sell fitness, weight loss, and home-workouts products. Some of their popular products are  P90X; Insanity; PiYo; 21 Day Fix; Focus T25; CIZE; BodyBeast; Youv2. Beachbody On Demand.

One can join their firm as a coach and earn a commission on the basis of the number of sales he makes. The initial fee required to join in as a coach is $39.95 and after one month they charge $15.95 per month.

Website link: https://www.beachbody.com/

9. Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef has an annual turnover of $280 million as of 2018. It was founded by Dorris Christopher in 1980 and has its headquarters in Addison, Illinois, United States.

For customers interested in cooking healthy food at home, this top MLM company offers a huge range of kitchen tools, cookbooks & food products. They have a total employee count of 400 along with more than 35,000 individual representatives working under their umbrella.

One has to pay a minimal fee of $39 dollars to join their business as a consultant.

Website link: https://www.pamperedchef.com/

10. Arbonne

Arbonne has an estimated annual revenue of $672 million as of 2019. This top multi-level marketing company was founded by Peter Mork, a Norwegian entrepreneur in the year 1980, in the US. Its product line includes botanically-based cosmetics, vegan skincare, and nutrition.

They have a total force of 1000 employees along with 600000+ individual distributors. Arbonne has the B corporation certificate under their name. To join Arbonne as an individual consultant, one has to pay a fee of $79. Full details about Arbonne.

Website link: https://www.arbonne.com/

11. Tupperware

Tupperware Brands Corporation is considered as one of the top MLM companies that exist. This American company was founded in the year 1946 by Earl Tupper and has its headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

The products of this brand revolve around household and kitchen apparel and are mainly famous for its plastic containers that are used for the storage of foods.

With every passing year, the company is growing dramatically and has its products distributed In over 100 countries.

Under its 7 sub-brands including Tupperware, BeautiControl, Avroy Shlain, Nutrimetics, Fuller, NaturCare, and Nuvo it has spread all over the globe. With the help of over 2 million salespeople, Tupperware markets its products in more than hundreds of countries.

In the year 2019, it has been recorded that the company made a turnover of $1.80 Billion. One can join the company as a consultant and sell the products on behalf of the company and earn a commission from every sale made.

Website-link: https://www.tupperwarebrands.com/

12. Herbalife Nutrition

Founded in the year 1980, Herbalife Nutrition is a top multi-level marketing company that has its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, USA. This network marketing company was founded by Mark Hughes and has over 8,900 people working under it. Herbalife Nutrition offers products related to weight management, personal care, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. The key product that was first launched was the Formula 1 protein shake. It was a meal replacement shake that was soy-based.

The other core products are Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex and Formula 3 Cell Activator. The company earns a revenue of $4.89 billion. Herbalife Nutrition also functions like any other typical MLM company that distributes its products in more than 95 countries with the help of 3.3 million distributors. One can easily join the company and start selling the products on behalf of the company or by purchasing it from the companies and later selling it at a high price.

Website link: http://www.herbalife.com/

13. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is considered to be the sixth-largest American network marketing company that has its headquarters in Texas, the U.S. This multi-level marketing company was discovered in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. Their vast range of cosmetic products is sold with the help of networks of distributors generally known as ‘beauty consultants’.

According to the estimates, it is seen that almost 4 million salespeople work as beauty consultants to sell Mary Kay products around the world and has a turnover of $3.6 billion. Although there is no such rule that should be followed in order to join the company, you have to sign an independent beauty consultant agreement and join the company. There are generally two ways of earning money as a consultant either by recruiting or by selling products at full retail price.

Website link: http://www.foreverliving.com/

14. Forever Living

Forever Living is also one of the top MLM companies that are based in Arizona, USA. It was founded in the year 1978 by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan. The Forever Living empire is spread across in almost 160 countries with the help of over 10 million distributors that work for Forever Living.

The company has a turnover revenue of $13.6 million. It primarily produces products such as aloe-vera related drinks, self-care products, cosmetics extracted from bee and dietary supplements, essential oils, skincare, etc. You can also join the company to work as a distributor.

Website link: http://www.foreverliving.com/

15. Primerica

Primerica is an America-based marketing network company that offers insurance or financial solutions to its clients. The headquarter of this top multi-level marketing company is situated in Duluth, Georgia, USA, and was founded in 1977. Primerica uses the multi-level marketing scheme to sell its products all over the world.

It has almost 125,000 financial representatives spread all across the world to sell the financial products on behalf of the company. As compared to others it is a new company that made a revenue of $1.69 billion in 2017. One can join there as a part-time or a full-time worker to earn money by selling the company’s financial services. Know more about Primerica.

Website link: http://www.primerica.com/

16. Belcorp

Belcorp is one of the first Latin American companies that made its way to the list of the top MLM companies. The company was founded by Eduardo Belmont Anderson in the year 1968 and is quite known in many parts of the South American countries. The products of this brand mainly focus on beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes made for skin and body both.

Some of their best selling products are L’BEL and cyzone. Almost 150 new products are launched every year by Belcorp. By following the multi-level marketing scheme the company sells its products with the help of a network that consists of 1billion independent beauty consultants. The company has a revenue of $1.16 billion (as of 2018) and has 2600 people working under it.

Website link: http://www.belcorp.biz/

17. Ambit Energy

In the year 2006, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless started a company named Ambit Energy. This International multi-level marketing company aimed at providing electricity, natural gas, and solar services to its customers living in the USA and Canada. The corporate headquarters of this company is located in Dallas, Texas, United States.

As any other top multi-level marketing company Ambit Energy also markets its products and obtains customers with the help of a network of independent consultants who deal with the customers directly. With the help of only 700 employees, the company has a revenue of $1.2 billion. To get into Ambit Energy as a consultant one has to pay an upfront cost. It is only for those who can pay the price.

Website link: http://www.ambitenergy.com/

18. Vorwerk

Vorwerk is one of the top MLM companies that manufacture household products like kitchen appliances, air filters, water purifiers, Kobold vacuum cleaners,  cosmetics, and Vorwerk flooring.

It is a family-owned company with over 12,000 full-time employees working for it. It has a total of 590,000 self-independent sales representatives that helps to spread the product in more than 70 countries and out of which the maximum number of sales representatives work under the company’s US-based subsidiary brand JAFRA Cosmetics.

The company made a total revenue of $4.23 billion in the year 2019. Vorwerk basically focuses on helping entrepreneurs to find their investment partners and not on recruiting members to sell their products.

Website link: https://corporate.vorwerk.com/

19. Oriflame

Oriflame is one of the most popular brands among the top MLM companies. The honorable & proud founder-owner (Jonas Af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten) of Oriflame has founded this company in the year of 1967.

Like most other MLM companies Oriflame also manufactures products for skincare, cosmetics, and perfumes. The company’s empire is spread across 60 countries with 7500 employees and 100 researchers working under it.

The corporation made €1.3 billion in sales in 2019. And, along with a network of over 3 million distributors the company sells its products in 60 different markets. To join as a distributor of this company you have to pay a onetime fee for it. Later, you can earn money by selling the products to people who are willing to buy such products.

Website link: https://www.oriflame.com/

20. Jeunesse

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse is an American top multi-level marketing company that promotes health and wellness care. Its motto is to redefine youth through “revolutionary products and life-changing opportunities”. It was started by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis and has its headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

Though the company is now gradually it has spread its business in more than 88 countries. Their products serve a great purpose to those who want to look young and the key products are: Instantly Ageless for facial and skin tone, Luminesce for looking ageless, Reserve that works as an antioxidant and is made with a mixture of superfruits, and Zeb Bodi which works as a weight supplement. There are no extra charges required to join as a distributor.

Website link: https://www.jeunesseglobal.com/


We have seen many people who join these multi-level marketing companies as a part of their direct sales or networking marketing teams. However, the question is do they make money through these companies?

The answer is yes, you can make money in an MLM but only a very small percentage of people can make money in this field. Some even lose their money. According to study done by AARP Foundation, only 25% have made a profit out of which, 14% earned less than $5,000, 6% earned between $5,000 and $9,999, 3% earned between $10,000 and $24,999, 3% earned $25,000 or more, and only 0.05% earned more than $100,000.

Therefore, before choosing this field for earning money, do thorough market research. Listed above are some of the Top MLM Companies. You can choose any of the above companies according to your choice


1. What is the amount of commission that Avon pays out to its representatives?

Ans: For orders over $100 sales representatives get a commission of 20% and for orders above $180 they earn a commission of 25%

2. What is the registration fee that needs to be paid to become an Amway sales representative?

Ans: You need to pay an amount of less than $100 for registering and is completely refundable within 60-180 days.

3. How much can one earn from Tupperware?

Ans: Consultants can earn commission upto 35% from every sales they make

4. Is Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?

Ans: No, this is not a pyramid scheme forever. This follows the MLM – Multilevel-marketing strategy.

5. What is the upfront fee to join as a representative of Arbonne?

Ans: One has to pay a fee of $79 to join as a representative.

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