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Best 15 WordPress Clear Cache Plugins, Speed Up Your Website

This Article is About Best WordPress Clear Cache Plugins That Will Make Your Website Load Speed Time Super Fast, Guaranteed.

Blogging is a popular occupation in today’s time. Some people are professional bloggers and people that blog in their free time on a topic that they either are interested in or are passionate about.

Blogging is a great way to not only express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on a certain topic but it is also a great way to earn some money.

Different people have blogs about different things. Here are some good niche examples for you like-  There are photography blogs, movie blogs, fashion blogs, technology blogs, political blogs, and hundreds of other variations.

It is a great way to connect with people who share similar opinions and have an exchange of thoughts and ideas.

If you are a blogger or looking to start your blog, chances are WordPress is the site that you have chosen to start your blog/website. Hundreds of people have WordPress blogs but their popularity depends on several things.

These things include the quality of your content, how original you are, the consistency with which you post, the aesthetic value of your page, and the loading time of your website.

All of these factors together have an impact on how popular your blog grows. If you have, one but not the other then you will not be able to have the desired number of followers.

Even though all the factors mentioned above are equally important this article specifically focuses on your website loading time and the things that affect it, which is mainly WordPress cache.

This article explains what WordPress cache is and how it has an effect on the loading time of your page. It also explains how a slower loading time can adversely affect the popularity of your blog or website.

Ten famous WordPress clear cache plugins have been discussed in this article. Read on to find out about all of this in detail.

What is the cache? / what is WordPress cache?

Before getting into what WordPress cache is let us understand, what is cache in general. A cache is a type of storage option that stores various temporary files from different places like websites etc.

Even though there are many other types of memories like RAM etc. cache is very important because it provides much easier and faster access to the stored files. A cache makes the retrieval of data very easy and hassle-free.

It is very helpful as with the help of a cache you can access your data easily and not have to download it repeatedly. It is an important storage element in most devices.

The cache is present and available in both software and hardware. With cache, when a processor needs some form of data it can simply access it from the cache storage of the device. The CPU present in laptops and responsible for processing has its cache.

The functions of cache memory are:

  • The CPU memory or cache memory stores instructions and data that are repeatedly required during the execution of programs, thus improving the performance and speed of the whole system.
  • It also avoids the need to access the dynamic RAM to retrieve the same data repeatedly.

Every website and web browser also has its very own cache. Your browser cache mainly consists of files that you may need often.

All apps also traditionally have their cache. Similar to browsers, apps also save the files and data that they deem important so that it does not take too much time to reload the same files and data.

This is also, what WordPress cache is. WordPress cache stores the data that you repeatedly use/require so that you may access it easily and quickly.

However, this also slows down the loading speed of your website so below we tell you the best ways to clean the WordPress cache.

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How loading speed adversely influences your website/blog and its ranking?

This paragraph tells you how cache affects the loading speed of your blog and how the loading speed in turn affects your blog and its ranking and popularity. Read on to find out more about the same.

Stored up cache can reduce the loading speed of your website or blog to up to two to five times. This is a major slowdown in load time and can have serious effects on how well your blog or website does.

You may not always pay attention to the load time of your website or blog thinking that ultimately, it is the content that matters, but in fact, this is a major aspect that affects the popularity of your blog. Caching with the help of cache plugins can help in solving this problem.

The ideal website load time is three seconds. Anything longer than that and the visitor will probably leave your webpage.

No matter how good your content is, how aesthetically pleasing your page looks or how factually correct your data may be, the first and most important thing to consider is your website load time.

People on the internet are busy and do not have the time to wait for a particular website to open. If one website does not open then there are several other options available for them to check out.

It is the day and age of speed and anything that does not meet up to the standards does not have a chance of surviving.

If your load time is too long, you will start missing visitors and followers and may even lose a part of your loyal audience. This will adversely affect the ranking of your webpage. Thus if you want your website or blog to be viewed.

Your content read, and have a good ranking you must pay great attention to the load time of your website. One of the major factors that slow down the load speed and the topic of this article as mentioned above is cache.

To save you from losing your followers and having your website ranked lower and lower we have compiled various ways to clear cache and also provided several cache plugins. Read on to find out about the same.

How to clear the WordPress cache?

Clearing the WordPress cache is not a hard task. We have tried to point down the steps for you so that you may go about it easily. Read on to find out about the same.

There are many ways of caching (clearing cache) but the most popular/common way is by using cache plugins. We have provided various cash plugins below in this article but before that let us understand how to cache plugins work and how they help in clearing cache.

The most popular and common WordPress cache plugins include the WP Rocket and the WP Super Cache.

These plugins offer quite an easy to use interface which controls things like what data needs to be cached when to expire/delete this cached data or content and also helps with cleaning up the cache on demand.

These are the basic functions of cache plugins and this is how they work to help in cleaning the cache.

WordPress hosting providers also run their caching services like the WP engine, which carry out similar tasks. The advantage of this is that you do not need to install cache plugins separately.

Also, if you are using certain web applications like Sucuri or Cloudflare for the better protection of your WordPress page then you will know that these also provide their cache plugins and that you do not have to install cache plugins separately.

The two steps to effectively cleaning the WordPress cache is –

  1. Clear your browser cache
  2. Clear the cache in your WordPress cache plugin

This was about the cache plugins clear cache. Now we have listed several cache plugins that will get the job done easily.

Top 15 WordPress clear cache plugins List:

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WP Super Cache
  3. WP Rocket (Paid Only)
  4. WP-Optimize
  5. WP Fastest Cache
  6. Hyper Cache
  7. Comet Cache
  8. Cachify
  9. Cache Enabler
  10. Simple Cache
  11. Sucuri Firewall
  12. WP Speed of Light
  13. WP Engine Advanced Cache
  14. Breeze
  15. Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization

Briefly Describe Each WordPress Clear Cache Plugins:

1. W3 Total Cache:

The W3 Total Cache is a great cache plugin option. It improves the SEO and the total user experience of the site by reducing load time massively.

This helps in the better ranking of your page and helps you get more followers. It improves the performance of your site up to 10 times and produces improved conversion rates, which is what helps your website/blog get a better ranking.

It is also a plugin that is updated regularly. This ensures that it has all the latest features and is always up to date. Below are a few features of the W3 Total Cache. Read on to find out about the same.

  • It is compatible with shared hosting
  • It has a Transparent Content Delivery Network management with the theme files and also WordPress itself
  • It has accelerated mobile pages support
  • It has secure socket layer support

2. WP Super Cache:

The WP Super cache is another great option to achieve the goals of WordPress caching. Already mentioned above, it is one of the first names to pop up while talking about WordPress cache plugins.

This plugin can produce static pages, which helps in decreasing the web page serving time of your webpage. It also cuts down the number of PHP calls. Without such caching facilities, the load time of your webpage will increase substantially.

It also helps you in enhancing your database by creating static HTML files. In this way, if any page is requested from your site, static pages will be used rather than the PHP scripts. Below are certain features of the WP Super Cache WordPress plugin –

  • It creates static pages
  • It gets updated on the daily
  • It is one of the most effective options in reducing load time

3. WP Rocket:

Another very well-known name in the cache plugin world is the WP Rocket. It is no less than any other option on this list and does the work of caching very effectively.

The WP Rocket has a great many features and options for customizations. This makes the WP Rocket a very desirable option. However, because it has so many features it is also not free. It is a great premium option.

This, like all the plugins on the list, ensures that your website loads super-fast and helps in improving your website rankings. It is also one of the easiest plugins to set up and does not need a tech genius to set it up.

The WP Rocket is one of the best options for clearing your WordPress cache and to prove this further we have listed some of its features below.

  • It has cross-origin support for web fonts
  • It effectively detects various third-party plugins, themes, hosting environments, etc
  • It offers the combination of various inline and third party scripts

4. WP-Optimize:

This is another great cache plugin option. The WP-Optimize is an all in one plugin option, and in that aspect, it is quite revolutionary.

It cleans and caches your database and files and does a great job of compressing your images. Its cache feature is built around one of the fastest caching engines in the world.

A simple and effective tool is popular with everyone because it is easy to use and gets the job done quite efficiently.

The WP-Optimize mainly helps with three things – it lets you clean your database, it allows you to have your images compressed and it allows you to cache your pages, which reduces load time and optimizes your SEO.

For a better understanding of the WP-Optimize, a few of its features are also listed below.

  • It enables you to minify CSS and JavaScript
  • It compacts/defragments MySQL tables with a simple button press
  • It provides you detailed control of which optimizations you want to carry out.
  • It also carries out automatic daily/weekly/monthly cleanouts

5. WP Fastest Cache:

This is another great cache plugin It is similar to the others on the list but the only difference is that it is much easier to use for the average person.

It is also completely free which is always an advantage. It has lesser customization options but that is not to say that it is not as good as others are on the list.

The WP Fastest Cache clears your cache, increases your website loading time, and helps in the better ranking of your webpage/blog. Some of its features are as follows.

  • It uses Mod_Rewriet which is one of the fastest methods used in plugins
  • It blocks cache for a specific page or post
  • It enables/disables the cache option for logged-in users
  • It provides SSL support
  • It also provides CDN support

6. Hyper Cache:

Another very good cache plugin option is the Hyper Cache. Even though it may not be as popular as the other WordPress cache plugins on this list as it is new, it is not any less as compared to the other plugins.

It does not require complex configurations and can be installed by almost anyone. It has many features that make it a great plugin option. It also has a separate mobile version and a separate desktop version.

It is also another free option on the list and is certainly great for anyone that may just be starting on his or her blogging journey. To inform you a bit more about it we have listed down some of the features of the Hyper Cache.

  • It provides compression support
  • It offers its users configurable Bypass
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It has separate mobile and desktop versions

7. Comet Cache:

It may be difficult to decide which cache plugin to use especially with so many options but it is not smart to pass up on the Comet Cache.

With its intriguing name, it is no less than any other option on this list. It does a fantastic job of cleaning your WordPress cache and improving your overall ranking and webpage load time.

Comet Cache is a sort of successor to the previous plugin Zencache. It is very easy to install and can be done in very few steps.

It is hassle-free and very efficient. Some of the features that make it unique and worth your time as listed below.

  • It has WP-CLI compatibility
  • It has an automatic cache expiration date
  • It has an automatic intelligent cache clearing option
  • It has URI cache exclusion patterns
  • It has RSS caching
  • It has RDD caching

8. Cachify:

Cachify is another great cache plugin option. It is a good competitor, competes well with the rest of the options on the list, and does not fall short in any way.

It has several different types of features and many different types of caching as well. It works fantastically with multi installations of WordPress.

It optimizes your page by caching posts, pages, and images. You have an option and can choose between caching via a database or using APC can cache directly on the web browser with the help of Cachify.

With cachify, your database queries and PHP requests will become very less. Cachify lets you have a fast loading page and improves your page’s ranking. Some of its features are as follows.

  • It works with custom post types
  • It offers a flush cache button in the WordPress toolbar
  • It offers optional compression of HTML markup
  • It has automatic cache management
  • It also has a dashboard widget for cached objects

9. Cache enabler:

Another great WordPress plugin is the cache enabler. Just like the other plugins, it is easy to install and use, increases the speed of your website/blog and improves your SEO.

It is a lightweight plugin and works by generating static HTML files. The same company that was behind KeyCDN, which is a content delivery network service, created it.

Cache enabler has been specially designed to be lightweight and be extremely easy to set up and to use. Some features of cachify are listed below.

  • It is an efficient and fast disk cache engine
  • It provides multi installation WordPress support
  • It provides WebP support
  • It displays the actual cache size on your dashboard
  • It supports responsive images
  • It also has custom post type support
  • It has an expiry directive
  • It has minification of HTML and inline JavaScript

10. Simple Cache:

The last but not the least option on our list is the Simple Cache cache plugin. No less than any other plugin it also gets the job for which it is made done quite effectively, efficiently, and easily.

It has a very good rating and is currently installed in over a thousand websites/webpages. True to its name, Simple cache is easy to use and was mainly developed because of people being frustrated with the difficulty to set up plugins.

Some of the features that make Simple cache what it is are listed below. Read on to find out about the same.

  • It has an on and off switch and is extremely easy to install and use
  • It makes your site run very fast and makes sure you can handle a lot of traffic
  • It can enable gzip compression if you need it to

Thus, we hope that we have been able to give you some insight into what cache is and how to cache plugins can be used to delete the cache.


1. Is it important to install a cache plugin?

Yes, it is, as it has a major effect on your website load time and your website ranking.

2. Is a paid cache plugin better than a free one?

Some paid plugins are better but free ones are also good especially for beginners.

3. How difficult is it to install a plugin?

Most plugins are quite easy to install and use as they are developed keeping the customer in mind.

4. Is cache a major factor?

Cache and especially WordPress cache is a major factor and significantly affects your website load time.

5. Are cache plugins with more features better?

Even though having more features is always a plus, sometimes having too many features makes it confusing to use the plugin.

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