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ySense Review: clixSense is Now ySense, Best PTC Site

ySense is an online money-making platform where you can easily earn cash online by doing simple tasks like taking surveys, completing small tasks, shopping, watching videos, etc.

Given below in this article is a comprehensive ySense review that can help you decide if using ySense is the way to go for you.

ySense Review: What is ySense and How Does It Work

YSense is one of the easiest legitimate ways to get free money online instantly and has become one of the most popular and one of the GPT (Get Paid To) sites on the web these days.

It has become the go-to website for people with partial or seasonal or part-time employment or wage labor and for those still between jobs.

A common misconception that exists among most first time ySense users is that it can help make you very rich very fast.

However, this is not true, what ySense actually does is to help you make free money online that can augment and build upon your other earnings.

Clixsense initially started purely as a PTC (Paid to Click) website. Over time it expanded to provide other features such as surveys, cash offers, and micro-tasks which are small assignments that people can easily do online.

As part of a complete rebranding and site renovation in 2019, the PTC side of Clixsense was discontinued and the site reopened as ySense.

YSense is owned by parent company Prodege LLC which also runs several other famous names in the GPT industry including My Points, ShopAtHome, and Swagbucks, etc.

YSense works by partnering with renowned research companies that need customer input and surveys in their fields including Poll fish, Your Surveys, Offer Toro, Peanut Labs, Sample Cube, and many more.

It also partners with Appen, a trusted brand in the microtask industry. The user is required to complete small assignments including reviewing ads, search results, map points, labeling, sorting, etc.

YSense thus provides rewards including free money to its regular customers and loyal participants.

YSense is the Best LEGIT GPT Website

There are dozens of GPT and PTC websites out there, most of them scam designed to rip you off or in this case waste valuable time and effort.

YSense however is one of the few legitimate GPT sites that almost everyone who is familiar with the rewards system knows about.

The usual factors that indicate the legitimacy of a GPT/ PTC website are legality, visibility and brand recognition, the test of time, and more importantly proof of rewards.

1. Legality: YSense is owned by Prodege LLC, a renowned market research and marketing company in the world. Furthermore, Prodege LLC is registered with the US Security and Exchange Commission and is incorporated in the State of California.

To confirm the authenticity of this information, please click here to review its credentials.

2. Visibility and Brand Recognition: Right from the beginning Clixsense/ ySense had quite a large user base and as of now more than 6 million users have made more than $40,000.

YSense as a brand is recognized by many market research companies and industry watchdogs; something no scam site can boast of.

3. The Test of Time: YSense/ Clixsense has been running continuously since 2007. It has been almost 13 years since the site was founded and has hundreds of third party reviews and millions of active users.

Most scam sites have very short lives. This is because the few unlucky people who have been ripped off usually spread that the site is a scam.

Such exposure usually cuts off internet traffic to the site and they eventually close up. YSense has been up for 13 years and has stood the ‘Test of Time’.

4. Proof of Rewards: This is arguably the most important factor that decides if a GPT site is legit.

You can find a lot of such ‘proof of payment’ online in favor of ySense as it does pay its users each time they complete tasks.

You can find a user proof of payment. However, you are free to lookup more ySense reviews and customer proof of payments online.

ySense Payment Proof
ySense Review & Payment Proof

YSense is one of the few sites out there that meet all of the above criteria and therefore it’s safe to say that ySense is legit; not a scam.

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YSense PTC Ads

YSense/ Clixsense had done away with Paid to click ads in 2019. All the Paid Click ads on Clixsense were taken down.

They cited non-compliance with PayPal’s policies as the reason to discontinue PTC ads. This was a decision most of ySense’s users agreed with since the earning potential on PTC ads was very low anyway.

Most PTC only users have migrated to other websites since then. YSense has shifted its focus to providing opportunities for online surveys, free cash, and free money offers, and microtasks.

YSense Surveys to Win Free Money

YSense offers numerous paid online surveys that you can fill out if you are qualified, and win free money online. Your eligibility for any given survey is decided by your geographic location, experience level on ySense, your profile, etc.

Daily survey routers are available on ySense and the new ones are also posted every day. Your ySense survey invite page will display surveys that you are most likely to qualify for based on your profile details and past survey history on ySense.

Most surveys offer between $0.5 and $2 depending on their duration and other details. You can either enter surveys through daily routers or from your survey invites.

The survey invites are given to you based on your profile and your ySense history. Generally, there is no restriction on the number of times and how often you can access the daily survey routers each day.

In the end, this is a very compelling way to get paid to take surveys.

YSense Tasks to Win Free Money

YSense allows you to complete small online assignments known as micro-tasks to earn free money online. The tasks are assigned in partnership with Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower) and Appen.

They are crowdsourcing services that let you work on small tasks in exchange for some instant money. These are typically things such as completing classification or categorization, internet research, advertisement reviews, and other odd jobs.

You can also watch videos to get ySense cash credits. You will get a $5 bonus of free money from ySense for every $50 worth of tasks you complete there, you can also participate in weekly contests for much bigger bonuses.

Also, ySense has a section known as paid offers. Here you can perform simple tasks like activating free trials, download apps, make purchases, buy subscriptions to various programs, etc.

to instantly make money on ySense. The payment for these tasks varies quite a bit so you should be patient in the beginning until you start to understand the types of offers present and the perks they come with.

Referral Program and Commissions

YSense has a very generous referral and commissions program and gives handsome rewards for promoting the website with your friends.

You will be provided a unique referral link and various promotional banners that you can use to spread information about ySense.

You earn between 10 cents and thirty cents depending on your location as a signup bonus whenever someone creates an account with your referral link and becomes an active member.

You also earn 20% of whatever your referrals make on each completed survey, task, or offer. Note that this commission will in no way affect your referrals’ earnings.

If you have more than 100 referrals in 30 days, you will get a commission of 25% on all their earnings and if you have more than 200 referrals then your commission will go up to 30% of what they make.

Apart from the referral program, there are many different bonuses including the daily checklist bonus, the ySense add-on bonus, the activity bonus, etc.

You will find them on ySense’s home page. These provide an added incentive to keep the members of this site active.

How to Cash Out

YSense allows you to withdraw money in a number of different ways. Some of the payment methods are given here:

1.     PayPal

2.     Skrill

3.     Payoneer

4.     Amazon Gift Card

5.     Reward Link Italy

6.     iTunes Gift Card

7.     Bath and Body Works Gift Card

However, before you withdraw money or buy gift cards you must verify the minimum amount for each of the payment methods. For example, PayPal cash out starts at $10 while Skrill starts at $5.05.

It can take around 5 to 7 business days for you to actually get paid and new accounts take up to 15 business days due to the thorough verification process.

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Important Talk:

Personally, I think joining a platform like ySense is worth a shot especially since you have nothing to lose. While you probably will not be able to make a full-time income with ySense.

It definitely increases your total earnings and gives you an extra source of cash. Click here to read some pro tips on how to best go about making money on ySense.

YSense offers a lot of earning opportunities and the longer you stay an active member of ySense the more they increase. YSense is one of the best Get Paid To (GPT) websites on the internet.

It is completely legitimate and is an excellent way to get free money online or get instant cash by doing simple and easy tasks.


How many offers can avail simultaneously?

There is a limit to the number of tasks or offers you can register for as long as you qualify for each of them.

Can you register for ySense in one country and use it in another?

No. You cannot use ySense outside the country you registered. If you are a frequent traveler, you are advised to wait until you reach your home country before registering for ySense.

Is ySense legitimate?

Yes. YSense is a legitimate website that is owned by Prodege LLC, a legally registered California company. Also, there is lots of evidence online both in the ySense blog and third party websites that show that it is not a scam and that ySense pays all its users legally.

Is access via Proxy/ VPN allowed especially for those living in regions with internet restrictions or shortage of offers?

No. If you are using a Proxy/ VPN, your ySense page will display a warning dialogue box. YSense policy does not allow users who are hiding their IP address or location. In case your region has internet restrictions then you will not be allowed to register on ySense by default.

When I refer a friend to ySense do I just get a one-time omission or is it perpetual?

You receive a signup bonus for each referral and a commission each time your friend earns as long as they stay an active user of ySense.

ySense Review Video: Earn $1000+ in a Month Easily!

ySense Review VideoYouTube Channel: Work At Home No Scams
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